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Schedule Facilitec to do a walk-though of your facility.  While on our audit, we will be looking for significant Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) that would be appropriate for the facility. We will be looking at:

○ Lighting

○ HVAC Equipment
○ Electric Motors

○ Water Heaters

○ Waste Heat Sources

○ Peak Equipment Loads

○ Utility Bills and Rates

○ Other Energy-Consuming Equipment

Energy audits play a vital role in the overall process of reducing energy usage of a facility.

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Construction Site Managers


Facilitec takes your project from start to finish.  Working with your team, we pride ourselves on communication, execution, teamwork, and safety.  After Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) are established, we assist our clients with finding financial opportunities with grants, rebates, tax incentives, energy brokerage firms, and more.  Our project managers execute the plan set forth and monitor and control the whole process.  They oversee the commissioning of equipment and doing measurement and verification of the changes to make sure we are achieving those ECOs.

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Facilitec's highly qualified engineers utilize control strategies to maximize energy efficiency, comfort, productivity, and granular control of the system.  Our engineers use their knowledge in programming and network communication to develop a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a easy to use client-side application to provide a window into the facility.

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Energy Savings
Granular Control

Facilitec offers a complete and proven service package that includes Engineering, Programming, Web Tools, Web Interfaces, and Graphics.

Smart Building and Internet of Things co


Energy Savings
Granular Control

Facilitec offers multiple solutions in lighting; from simple LED fixtures to state-of-the-art Network Controlled Lighting systems.



Equipment Sensors
Environmental Sensors
Energy Reporting

Facilitec works for you 24/7, giving you the power to cut the wastes in facilities control.  We provide you with new ways to capture the most critical information and standardize the data, resulting in reliable analysis, trending, and taking proper action.

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